Your Survival Guide To WrinkleTreatments

Restylane injections have been used for wrinkle treatment over 15 years in the cosmetic surgery industry as a popular treatment for facial wrinkles. Indeed, it has become the most popular procedure, in the world, with several million Europeans treated last year, alone. Dr.

Barry Lycka has been doing Restylane treatments in his private clinic in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada since 1993. What are Restylane and Collagen Used For ? These products are filler substances which are used primarily to help plump up wrinkles, fill depressed areas such as scars, elevate the corners of the mouth, provide fullness to areas such as prominent smile line folds and provide lip enhancement or redefinition of the lip border. One primary use is to reduce or eliminating the small grooves responsible for "bleeding" lipstick.

They may also be used to provide a fuller lip because as one ages, lips lose volume. What are the difference between the various filling substances? In 2006, there are dozens of filler substances. The first one was collagen.

Collagen is a sterile, processed bovine protein. The biggest problem is that it would only last for a few months, and quite often it would be lumpy under the skin. Restylane is a newer product made out of cross linked hyaluronic acid. It lasts in the skin much longer.

It also is much smoother. Longer acting products also are available. These are known as Dermalive, Dermadeep, Sculptra, Artecoll Aartefil) and silicone.

Do I need skin testing? Before having a Collagen treatment, skin testing must be undertaken to ensure that you are not allergic to the product. Restylane requires no testing as the possibility of allergy is extremely remote. How long does it last? Collagen treatment usually last a number of months, often between three to six months. Restylane usually lasts over six months in most individuals.

What kind of wrinkles can be treated? Common areas are the glabellar lines (between the eyebrows), the nasolabial folds (smile folds) and the wrinkles around the lips, but other sites can also be treated. What kind of results can obtained from lip treatment? The vermillion border can be accentuated and the lips can be given more volume. What is treatment like? Treatment is a very easy and quick process.

For Restylane, the treatment can be carried out without previous testing. For Collagen, you will need a skin test. Both types of procedures take about 30 minutes. For both Collagen and Restylane, the result is instant. A small amount of bruising and swelling can occur. Is it painful? This is very individual depending on how sensitive to pain you are.

The injections may prick a little but normally no anesthesia is needed for the treatment of wrinkles. In our office we use ice and a cooling machine known as a zimmer. We also use a numbing cream. Lip treatment can be uncomfortable and therefore a nerve block or similar anesthetic is normally used, thereby ensuring comfort. Cost of Treatment The costs of treatment vary with a number of factors ranging from $500 to several thousand. Results last for about 9 months.

Should You Buy Restylane Online Only a fool would purchase Restylane online and this goes for doctors as well. This is considered to be illegal by the FDA.

Barry A. S. Lycka is one of North America's foremost authorities on Restylane, cosmetic nd laser surgery of the skin. You can find out more at and He is funder of the zEthical Cosmetic Surgery Association (

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