Use Paraffin Wax For Your Feet

Dry, chapped hands . cracked heels . rough calluses on the hands and feet . all of these need a treatment that can moisturize and soften the skin. Luckily, paraffin wax is a viable beauty treatment suited for just these particular purposes.

Whether you work outside for a living or use or wash your hands a lot, hands and feet can take quite a beating. Add dry, winterized weather to this scenario and you can be talking about some painful hands and feet that have been exposed to abuse and the weather. A paraffin wax helps restore some moisture to the skin and in return yields a softness that is so touchable. So what exactly is a paraffin wax treatment? It is almost like it sounds.

It is a wax that is melted to a certain temperature. Once melted, you can dip your hand or foot into the wax to coat it. Once you pull your hand or foot out, you'll notice that the paraffin slowly starts to cool off and conform to the contours of that particular body part.

It can be likened to a tight-fitting glove on a hand. Once the wax starts to cool off, you can dip your hand or foot in again to form another drying wax layer. As your hands or feet start to cool off from the wax, you will want to cover them up with special mittens or with a thick, clean towel. This action will trap the heat from the paraffin wax for a longer period of time. And what exactly does this heat from the wax do for your skin and body? The heat eases muscle aches and even helps joint pain from such diseases as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

This paraffin waxing event also increases the blood circulation in your body and improves skin tone. In addition, the skin's pores open a little more which allows the moisturizing properties to seep into the skin. The result is softer, pliable skin. It is just a relaxing, healing experience.

Paraffin wax is a derivative of refined crude mineral oil. It has a nice shopping list of properties which make it easy for even the most allergy-ridden person to use it without side effects. It is practically colorless and odorless, although you can add scented oil to the wax as you melt it for a little side benefit of aromatherapy. Paraffin wax is also nontoxic and does not react with other substances. For several decades, doctors have been prescribing paraffin wax treatments for such conditions as listed in the above paragraphs. It is also beneficial to the beauty industry for soft, moisturized skin.

One of the most popular ways it is used in your beauty treatment is during a spa visit or when you go for a manicure or pedicure. The paraffin wax will relax your hands, warm them and leave them soft and supple. This makes for an easier time when trimming cuticles and it also softens rough calluses and skin on the heels of your feet. There are two options for receiving a paraffin wax treatment - using a home wax kit or visiting a spa or salon that offers the service.

If you go to a spa to have it done, be sure and ask about their clean-up practices and how they follow standard safety issues in regards to the paraffin wax. After one person is complete with a paraffin wax treatment, the leftover wax should be completely destroyed or thrown away. To use paraffin wax over and over again just begs for the growth of bacteria as well as fungus and other microscopic organisms.

There are home kits available in a variety of sizes as well as shapes. You can even pick a favorite aromatherapy scent sometimes to add to the melted wax. Paraffin wax treatments should typically be done at least once a week to achieve and maintain your soft skin. However, if some people have underlying issues like arthritis, the treatment can be done everyday for maximum comfort.

No matter how often you do a paraffin wax treatment, just know that you will experience supple skin after the first application. And within a few treatments, those rough calluses and cracked heels will diminish.

Gregg Hall is a business consultant and author for many online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida with his 16 year old son. Go to for designer shoes.

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