Your Acne Attitude

Acne dragging you down? Your acne problem is more than just an acne problem. To some extent, you make it what it is by the way you react to it. In other words, no two people have the same experience with acne, even if they have the same symptoms, because responses to the acne problem differ from person to person. And then again, the way you respond has a lot to do with your total experience with acne. Buck up! It is only acne! For example, if you have a flippant, do not care attitude to your acne problem, chances are that you will not let it get you down. On the other hand, if you really allow your acne to upset you, you are likely to feel much worse about the problem, and may also build up stress.

This in turn could prevent you from dealing effectively with your acne. Be well informed about your acne. There are a number of factors that can affect your attitudes towards your acne problem. The most dangerous of these is the possibility that you may be misinformed about the nature of acne as a condition, and that you may believe facts that are simply not true. As a result, you may be ready to accept that acne is caused by eating fatty food or by dirt and grime.

Dissected further, it would be truer to say that keeping the skin clean would be good for general health and for the health of the skin itself. Acne would be less likely to develop when the skin is healthy. Check out the facts about your acne. Go a step further and you may find yourself believing that scrubbing will get rid of your acne. This would in fact be disastrous, because skin that has been affected by acne is extremely sensitive and needs to be carefully handled.

Scrubbing would actually make matters much worse by torturing the skin. It would also disturb any eruptions of acne, which could burst and spread the infection that was earlier contained within a cyst or lesion. As far as greasy food is concerned, the fact is that food, greasy or otherwise, has nothing to do with acne. However, grease on the skin can clog pores and attract dirt, causing the pores to get infected. These conditions could ultimately result in the development of acne.

Media menace promise instant cures for acne. In the same way, there are various social attitudes that filter through. Advertisements play a major part in publicizing the attraction of having a perfect skin, citing cases of movie stars etc. Such gimmicks can play on our insecurities and have us believe that perhaps the advertisements are right. Acne and peer pressure. Children in high school are particularly vulnerable to the information or misinformation they receive on the subject of acne.

Because they are at an age when they are conscious of their appearance, they are ready to give in to peer pressure and go along with whatever they hear. The trouble is that what they are being told can sometimes do more harm than good. Acne is upsetting - offer support as parents.

It is therefore important for parents to offer the wisdom of their experience and put their children on the right track before they do something bizarre in the quest for a perfect skin. Parents should be aware of how acne develops, so that they can pass on this knowledge to their children and prevent them from going to extremes. They may also be able to help their children realize that their acne is normal and should be treated as such, and that the development of acne is no tragedy. Adolescents and young adults could face their acne with confidence and the knowledge that in time, it would pass off, as long as they handled it right.

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