Yellow Sapphire Beyond Grace

Sapphire is a beautiful natural gemstone that is used in jewelry and loved by women throughout the world. The colors of the sapphire stone are vibrant and rich and compliment a woman's beauty. Sapphire is a mineral called corundum. The common color of the sapphire is blue, but it is also available in a multitude of colors like yellow, pink, blue, gray, and black too. Small amounts of iron, chromium and titanium give it these different colors.

Yellow sapphire is given its color because of the iron content. Yellow sapphire represents Jupiter and is the birthstone for September born people. Superstition says that yellow sapphire is the safest stone to use when compared to the other stones, and is worn by many star signs. It is considered as the stone that changes financial status for the better by imparting the power to do so. It is claimed to work well in cases of depression, concentration and other mind related issues. There is one crucial thing though.

The yellow sapphire should be worn only on the index finger of the right hand. This is one of the most expensive and hardest stones and comes second only to the diamond in the hardness and expense. Kashmiri sapphires are extremely beautiful and very valuable. It is proudly claimed that the sapphires from Kashmir define the actual look of a sapphire.

Yellow sapphires are also found in Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Yellow sapphires are considered extremely beautiful, durable, and rare. Their beauty remains undiminished over time. Sapphire is not only a birthstone, it is also an anniversary stone for the 5th and 45th years. Yellow sapphires set in jewelry give an exotic look to the jewelry itself. They are embedded in rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and a variety of other jewelry.

The color of the yellow sapphire when combined with other precious gems looks gorgeous and gives a rich look. When talking about gemstones, the size is important and a huge single yellow sapphire set in a ring gives an out-of-this-world ethereal look. It is said that the yellow sapphire has the power to bring people together. This reason alone is sufficient for people to want to wear this beautiful gem. Yellow sapphire jewelry is used widely as adornments and they also make wonderful cherished gifts to loved ones.

The color yellow exudes warmth and the yellow sapphire too has been said to generate warm feelings and feelings of friendliness, love, and happiness in people. Whether you believe in these superstitions or not, the beauty of the yellow sapphire is enough for you to wear it. It will certainly turn heads and send envious looks your way.

Herman Tumurcuoglu the author is an consultant of Blue Sapphire. You can find more information by clicking here about Yellow Sapphire.

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