Wrinkle Cream Buying Tips

Before buying a wrinkle cream, it is important to note that not all creams work the same way. Before you buy, make sure you know whether the cream affects collagen or dirt and oil. 1. Collagen Deterioration As a person grows old, wrinkles develop as a sign of aging. The outer layer of the skin, called the epidermis, becomes thin and dry as age progresses. In the second dermal layer of the skin, collagen and elastin fibers that provide the skin with elasticity deteriorate.

This is the cause of sagging and wrinkles. More vivid wrinkles are developed due to the fact that cells in the subcutaneous layer of the skin gets smaller. Skin loses collagen as one grows older, and certain companies, with careful research and study, have developed products with collagen content to replenish lost collagen in the skin. There are now a variety of products in cream, water-based and capsule form that have collagen as their primary ingredients. But not only can these products replace lost collagen, they can trigger the development of new collagen in the skin.

2. Dirt And Oil Free radicals such as dirt and oil can easily react with other molecules and can cause damage to the skin. Thus, antioxidants have the function of sweeping out free radicals before they damage the skin. Let it be clear though, that antioxidants can not correct wrinkles, they merely slow down the signs of aging. So when one reaches twenty five, a consideration to take in antioxidants is a must.

After all, an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here are some listings of the best antioxidants for the skin: - Ascorbyl Acid (Vitamin C) is a water-soluble compound. Citrud fruits are high in Vitamin C. - Vitamin E is primarily fat soluble. As skin is high in unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E can protect its oily structure. Nuts, wheat germ, and fish liver oil are good sources.

- Vitamin A or beta carotene - Flavonoids are plant pigments which contain substances responsible for the colors of certain fruits and vegetables. What Wrinkle Creams Are Available? 1. The elastin collagen day cream nuetralizes the dimissive and relaxing of the epidermis fibers in the skin. This particular cream has hop and rhatany extracts which helps in skin nourishing.

Also contains jojoba oil for smooth skin. 2. Fruit acid creams are rich in alpha-hydroxy-acids, such as malic acid from apples and glycolic acid from sugarcane, that stimulates the skin's surface gently to encourage new cell growth.

3. Hyaluronic acid based face cream which pads and lubricate the skin. It keeps the skin moisturized, and has vitamin C and E for protection from free radicals. 4. The rosa mosqueta cream has rosa mosqueta oil which is derived from the rare and precious flower, rosa mosqueta, which has elasticizing effects on the skin.

It is reknown for its ability to relax the skin, giving it a youthful glow. 5. The aloevera based treatment cream improves skin's firmness and elasticity as well as it protects the skin from irritation. It does too, replenish the moisture barrier of the skin.

6. Green tea antioxidant cream is an effective herbal cream. As there a variety of anti wrinkle creams in the market today, here are guidelines on choosing one that is right for you. - Consider your budget first. Not all expenssive brands have the best quality.

- Before buying a product, it is best to see your doctor first for advice. - Know your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, don't just buy any product, as allergies may develop and that may end up costing you a lot more later on.

About 70% of women have sensitive skin. Prevention, however, is still the easiet way to fight wrinkles. One can not avoid the reality, that indeed, all people age.

Following these guidelines, one can at least age gracefully: - Plan a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables. This is not only beneficial to the skin, but to the whole body as well. - If you do smoke, stop. If not, good for you. But do avoid places where a lot of people smoke. It can affect your skin and your health as well.

- Always drink plenty of water. At least eight glasses of water a day is recommended. - If you think you don't get enough vitamins from the foods you eat, take vitamin supplements. - Always take care of your skin, it is your largest organ and as it is on the outside of your body, it recieves the most wear and tear. Wash and moisturize daily.

- Stay away from the sun. When outdoors, use sunscreen. - Have a happy outlook on life. Studies show that stress and anxiety can affect the skin.

So there is some truth to worry lines. While it's impossible to avoid wrinkles, you can surely slow it down. Take good care of your skin as early as you can. You will thank yourself later on.

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