Why You Should Always Get A Diamond Certificate Before Buying A Diamond

Diamond grading reports are certificates issued from the Gemological Institute of America which is an independent third party laboratory specializing in grading these precious stones. I suggest that you not buy a gem without one. The certification from the GIA gives you a written verification of the weight, cut, clarity, and carat of the stone you are seeking. This is similar to getting a CARFAX report on a car instead of having to trust the car dealer, since the information is coming from a third party with nothing to gain from the transaction you can feel comfortable that the information is true and correct and armed with this information you may be able to negotiate a better price by getting the actual wholesale value of the stone in question.

Another reason that a diamond certificate is so important is that if you buy a higher quality diamond that you may decide to part with later it will be next to impossible to anywhere near what the stone is worth without the certification that it is what you say it is. Think about it, would you buy an expensive item from a stranger without some serious third party documentation? By taking the step to get the Diamond Grading Report all question of the quality will be removed and you will be able to discern exactly what your prospective purchase is worth which will keep you from paying too much and assure you of the quality that you are getting. After you complete the transaction you will want to be sure to send a copy of the certificate to you insurance company so that they can add it to your policy. By doing this you will be providing the company with undeniable evidence of the value in case your diamond is stolen or lost at a later date. If a dealer that you are speaking to you about a diamond is unwilling to produce a certificate or they tell you that it will be more expensive to purchase a certified diamond then don't do business with them, ever.

This is a solid indication that they are either peddlers of inferior quality merchandise or just flat out crooks. The only certification you should accept is from the GIA as they are the most trusted and respected in the industry as well as being the oldest. A purchase like this is a serious investment and should not be done without acquiring the certification.

It will save you a lot of aggravation and heartache in the future.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this and diamond jewelry now at

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