Why Some People Consider Collagen To Be The Fountain Of Youth

I know someone who has declared that as soon as they turn 40, they will no longer smile. Sounds like planning to be a pessimist during the latter half of life, right? Wrong, this person has made this promise to themselves, because they are afraid that by smiling past this age, they will be promoting wrinkles and laugh lines on their face. What a crock, you might think.

Who wants to go through life without smiling and laughing? This might seem ridiculous to you if you are twenty, but this might not be as ridiculous an idea to when your 40 and dread finding new lines on your face. If you think about, people take a much more serious outlook when it comes to wrinkles, than avoiding laughter. Consider how much money is spent on anti wrinkle creams that promise to "ease those fine lines around your eyes and mouth". One tiny container that holds maybe a tablespoon can cost over thirty dollars, yet they are still selling it, so people must be buying it. Other people will spend a fortune on plastic surgery and botox injections, all with the hopes of stopping any more lines from forming. At least not smiling is free of charge.

A better way to treat the signs of aging is with collagen replacement therapy. Collagen is the natural source of youthful skin, hair, teeth, bones and cartilage. When you see the younger generation, sashaying by with their tight skin and glorious hair, it's because they have large, natural stores of this protein. These stores begin to diminish as we become older, so what was once our naturally tight skin begins to loosen and sag.

We begin to lose this precious protein, after we turn 25. Unfortunately, age begins to chisel away about 15% per year. Considering how long people live now a days, it's no wonder that by the time we are 40, we look at ourselves and wonder what happened to our smooth and youthful skin tone.

We may also develop achy joints and try treating them with pain killers, instead of getting collagen replacement to fix it. Many of us mourn our no longer healthy skin, but imagine how burn victims must feel when they look at theirs. Now, these victims are getting treatments with collagen, to help repair their skin.

Needless to say that if these treatments will help those whose skin has been severely damaged by fire, then surely it will benefit those who are just dealing with the natural signs of aging. The next time you're looking for ways to get back that healthy, tight skin that you've been recently grieving over the loss of, consider collagen replacement therapy, so that you can look in the mirror and smile again.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as best wrinkle cream at

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