Why Diamond Hybrid is Better Than Moissanite

In the early 1990's moissanite came on the scene and caused a big splash through the entire jewelry world. This was no surprise as over the years people have become rather upset and wary of the entire diamond industry. Most of these problems stem from the fact that diamonds are often used to finance genocidal wars in the small African countries and the fact that the diamond cartels are lying when they say that diamonds are as valuable as they seem to be. So with that in mind the moissanite alternative was introduced. People began to see that purchasing this gemstone was nearly as good as the real thing without all the hassle.

Not long ago diamond hybrid came to the world and it has been gaining worldwide acceptance ever since. diamond hybrid is composed of tiny diamond crystals that are all aligned to one. This creates the world's first nearly flawless diamond stimulant and the world has been hungry for such an advancement. The real issue seems to be which of these two versions of non-real diamonds are the best. Well according to the leading gemologists, the diamond hybrid takes the contest hands down. This is due to many reasons and they all speak to the quality and appearance of the stone itself.

moissanite has a good many problems. For one thing, it is nearly impossible for a moissanite to be created that is completely white (which is the most popular diamond color hands down). Most often the moissanite comes out with a slight pink or perhaps a gray tone that makes it not so appealing. This is never a problem with diamond hybrid. The color that has been created is near perfect and lends itself to the over all grade that the diamond hybrid brings about.

The other factor is that moissanite is very expensive by nature. The process to make the moissanite stone is long and very difficult. For this reason they normally sell for well over five hundred dollars a carat.

diamond hybrid is not such a process and therefore is allowed to be sold at a lower price, which makes it all that more appealing. No matter which way you turn you will find that the diamond hybrid will take the moissanite in all contests. The diamond hybrid has graded at F-G which is a rating that even the largest population of diamonds cannot attain.

You will also have the over all quality and color that comes with the diamond hybrid that is only matched by the durability as such.

Diamond Hybrid Offers Diamond Hybrid which is a hybrid diamond simulant composed of a non-precious core crystal combined with infused amorphous diamond.

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