What to keep in mind before the piercing

So, you have decided to visit this piercing saloon? First, it would be good idea to have a snack before ? really, you don't want to feel dizzy or weak, just in case, but on the other hand, surely enough, won't you think of having even light drink, either. No way. Speaking of yet another big No, please never trust your acquaintances to perform the Procedure for you - even if they possess Medical Diploma. Do we have to mention that no one should ever take chances turning the piercing in do-it-yourself project? Unless your Professional recommends otherwise, do not apply any alcohol-containing substances on freshly pierced spots. It's rarely recommended to use some alcohol or hydrogen peroxide for primary treatment of healing belly-button, nose or eyebrow areas.

Piercing should be done only in certified body-art saloons. One should never save on one's own health taking risks with specialists of questionable reputation. During your appointment with Master, it would be wise to allow yourself some curiosity as to instrument sterilization policy adopted there and the ways Master-to-be is staying up to its guidelines. He should use special instruments recommended by practitioners-Members of Piercing Professionals Association. Please make sure that the adornment you chose is made of biologically inert metals ? such as gold, platinum, titanium or surgical steel. After all, this item is about to become planted in your own skin or other soft body tissues! It goes without saying that all jewelry has to be sterilized.

Your Master should provide you with all the necessary recommendations regarding the best ways to behave during early- and post-operational periods. Also, it's Master's duty to explain you all pros and cons of one or the other bodily part piercing and how exactly the hygienic after-treatment should be taken care of.

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