Tips On Choosing The Perfect Mascara For You

Mascara is the finishing touch to any makeup application? It is like the icing on the cake. Makeup will never be complete without mascara. And if you do not have time to apply makeup, find time to brush on even a little amount of Mascara. Fast and easy, it has a very dramatic effect on your face. The wonder of Mascara is how it makes the eyelashes look longer and fuller.

The eyes, as the say are the windows to one's soul, and will make you look more expressive and beautiful. Mascara is one thing that you should really have on your purse, your drawer and your makeup kit but it can be confusing when choosing from a variety of mascaras. The cosmetics industry has long been improving to make a variety of formulations that will meet the needs and wants of its users. But what kind of mascara do you need exactly? 1.

Color Mascaras, like any other types of makeup, have a variety of colors. These colors may make you look better or worse. Do not hesitate to consult a salesperson for advice on which mascara is right for you. When choosing the color that suits you, it is suggested to match it with the color of your hair.

Black mascaras match with brunettes, while brown mascara blend well with blondes or those with light-colored hair. If you are the conservative type, you should skip the colored mascaras. Colored mascaras should also be avoided by office working women since they are bright and noticeable. If you are the type of girl who loves to hang out in lively parties, then you can try the colored mascaras. There are also glittered mascaras that are best sellers for teens and partygoers. 2.

Type Basically, there are five types of mascaras. Lengthening mascaras have thick bristles that allow your lashes to get more mascara especially on the tips of the lashes. This will make your eyes defined and the lashes more striking. The, Thickening mascaras have a thicker content of waxes & silicone polymers formulas.

The formula coats lashes & make them appear bulkier and more visible. This is great for those with small or fine lashes. On the other hand, Waterproof mascara does not wash off easily. They contain special synthetic formulas that repel moisture. If you are an athlete or a swimmer, waterproof mascara is best for you. This is also best during wet seasons.

There are also Water-soluble mascaras can be taken off easily even without using makeup remover. Non- clumping mascaras have contents like glycerin and silk extract that prevents the mascara from clogging. 3. Brush Curved brushes can coat more lashes at once simultaneously. Straight brushes are best for applying mascara on the lashes of the corners of your eyes, which are difficult to reach.

4. Formulations Lashes, like all hair, are made up of protein that can be susceptible to brittleness and shedding because of harsh chemicals. Nowadays, mascaras do not only darken and lengthen the lashes but also care for them.

You may check out the ingredients that are found in most hair care products. They contain conditioners and vitamins that help protect the lashes. They also contain proteins and waxes to protect and solve common problems. Make sure that you choose on gentle mascaras. There are also mascaras that are hypoallergenic, unscented, fibre free, and conditioning.

6. Price This for sure is one thing that is considered for all shoppers. However, do not be overwhelmed with the low price if the quality of the product will be sacrificed.

It is best to consult your friends on good quality and affordable mascaras they have tested. Do not be blinded with the prices, as sometimes even expensive products do not offer the quality of mascara you are looking for.

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