This Years Hot Styles of Pearl Necklace Slender Light and Feminine

It is in the middle of 2007 already! Time flies! Fashion in pearl jewelry industry also changes so fast.Over the last 6 months, I found that the used-to-be-popular fancy style pearl necklaces were becoming less and less active, and is being replaced by another trend: pearl necklaces are becoming more slender, lighter, and more feminine.

Slender: a very slender chain combines with a mid- to big-sized pearl pendant is a common style I can find this year. It is slender, but it doesn't mean it is simple.

In fact, designers must devote more effort to design such a slender but fascinating necklace.I am impressed by this item: two rows of very thin platinum chains are connected by 5 diamond floret patterns, and a white 13-13.5 south sea pearl with a platinum floret post pendant sits in the middle.

Light: traditional pearl strands sometimes give a heavy feeling. This year, a lot of them become so light, because they halve their weight, and I call them "semi-pearl strands" or "semi-pearl chain". The reason is that they are not traditionally strung by strings, but by thin metal chains in gold, silver, or platinum.

In the whole necklace, pearls are not lined one by one, but each two pearls are separated by the metal chain. The pearls in the necklaces are all small-sized around 4mm. Now feel them, don't you think they are just perfect for the coming summer?

Feminine: this year for some reason, the pearl necklaces with floral or heart patterns always catch my eyes.

Maybe that's just because they are in fashion, but I am not a fashion addict. I went to a jewelry shop yesterday. I picked up a very simple white gold chain decorated by three white 7mm pearls and three rose patterns.

It was simple but so intriguing! I tried it on. The shop lady smiled to me and said, "It is a very feminine necklace. You look so tender and charming with it.

" I finally found out why I like this style of necklace so much---because it is so feminine. Which woman doesn't want to look feminine and charming?

Summer is coming very soon, when I am selecting a pearl necklace, I will focus on slender, light and feminine styles. How about you?.

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