The new Bespoke generation of London Town

Bespoke clothes making seemed to be an industry that was dying in the age of mass production but over the last few years, bespoke shirts have gained in popularity and have become more affordable as more and more companies develop their production capability to meet luxury shirt customer demands across the globe. Many new shirt making companies now offer some very unique options for people to buy bespoke or made-to-measure who cannot afford those that come expensive designer labels. Because bespoke is made for the customer, they can be sure they are buying a shirt that will fit as well as a designer shirt, but without the extreme cost associated with designer clothing. It is noteworthy that recently in 2004, Savile Row Bespoke Association was formed with the main aim of developing as well as protecting the art of bespoke tailoring. Celebrity personalities including Prince Charles, Winston Churchill, Lord Nelson and even the actors that played the lead roles in James Bond pictures always donned bespoke shirts and sure they have won million hearts.

Bespoke is a British term that is derived from "Be-Speak" meaning "to ask for". It is believed that the term "Bespoke" first originated from the shopping street named Savile Row in Mayfair, Central London. It is here that the wealthy patrons of London came and spent the time to choose the cloth for a unique suit tailored exactly to their size and styling requirements. And, then on, the term "Bespoke" came into existence. It is known that traditional tailoring in UK is also called "Bespoke tailoring". Indeed, still to this day, the heart of trade on bespoke tailoring is found in the London's Savile Row.

A bespoke shirt is tailor made uniquely on the specifications given by the customer. It is not made on any pre-existing pattern. Therefore bespoke shirts are different from ready-to-wear shirts which are made for average customers who have only one or two size options (collar and arm length) to choose from. Whereas bespoke shirts are made to aptly fit to each individual based on 10 or so different sizes accross the body. They also differ from the made-to-measure-fit-tailoring because bespoke shirts are sewn only by hand. Bespoke shirts add to your style and personality too? with bespoke the customer can customize not only their choice of different fabric but also may define the detail on the specifications of style and design of shirt.

Indeed bespoke allows the customer to select different collars, cuffs, buttons, stiching, and many other style and design options (including the inclusion of monogram if you desire). The extra attention to detail definitely provides the perfect fit for the shirt that you may ask for. More and more companies are coming out with the bespoke shirts to provide with not only customer satisfaction but also customer delight. Whilst some shirt making companies have specialized in bespoke shirts for many years, including Turnbull and Asser, T.M. Lewin, Lister Rouge (Paris), other companies such as Marks and Spencers and Thomas Pink are emerging as leading shirt makers.

Other shirt makers are Curtis and Dyer, Norton and Sons, Emma Willis, C.T. Shirts. There are also companies that help one to design their shirt from the comforts of home and office too through use of online technology.

These companies aim to make and deliver bespoke shirts anywhere in the world within a short time period.

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