The Long and Short of a New Hair Style

Choosing the perfect new hair style has been a battle for women around the world for centuries. A hair style can say a lot about a person; how they feel, their tastes and their confidence level. For a lot of people, especially women, if you do not feel good and confident about your hair it shows through in all parts of your life. Feeling self assured about your physical appearance is directly related to how you come off to other people around you.

This is why it is always such a difficult thing to decide which new hair style to go with; you do not want to make a mistake and then be stuck with it.

One very popular hair style is one that requires your hair to be long in length. Long hair styles work really well with every type of hair, whether it is fine, coarse, thick or thin, but it works best with hair that is medium textured or thick. Thicker hair always makes the locks look better and feel healthier with long hair.

It is usually better to avoid a long hair style if you have very fine hair or a long and narrow face; the style will hide your face and make it look very dull and drab. A long hair style is probably the most functional one too. Having your hair long allows you to do so many things with it, much more than when it is short. You can dry your hair and make it beautiful while wearing it down, but you also have the option of just throwing it back in a ponytail or braid when you do not feel like fussing with it.

Short hair styles have become extremely popular among the Hollywood elite and the trend seems to be traveling across the nation. Short hair has grown to identify a strong, independent and spunky woman which is why so many celebrities have turned to this style for a reinvention of themselves. Stars like Sharon Stone and Annette Benning have been donning this hair style for decades, but it has become a trend with the younger generations now as well. The younger stars have started to use this hair style as a type of rebellious act to show everyone that they are cool and confident no matter what their hair looks like.

While short hair does limit your styling options it is also much more low maintenance and takes less time to get ready. Regardless of which length and hair style you choose, be sure it is something that will make you feel good on the inside and out.


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