The Jewelry Diva

We all know the Diva. When she walks in a room, she makes quite an entrance. Everyone notices and she loves the attention. She will dress to impress and accessorize like no one else. For the Diva, bigger is better unless it's her dress size.

The Diva with money loves diamonds and lots of them. She wouldn't dream of having a diamond ring smaller than three carats. She will probably have several other rings with multiple diamonds. Her wedding ring won't be a simple band of gold. Not for her.

Her wedding ring will be covered in diamonds. Don't be envious; she probably earned every carat on her hand. It's not easy being a Diva. Bracelets, whether silver or gold, will be plentiful. One bracelet is never enough.

Several bangles and a sparkling tennis bracelet adorn one arm. She may even wear several watches on the other arm. She is never on time; she just likes flashy watches. Earrings must be long and dangling.

The new chandelier earrings were made for her. They scream, "I am beautiful and sexy, and I know it." Whatever age; the diva is ageless. She has the personality that says I am here; deal with it. If you don't like me, that's your problem. Crossing a diva is never in your best interests.

Broaches are a must if the dress allows. If the plunging neckline of a dress will not allow for a large pin or broach, maybe a small diamond on one tiny part of the neckline will do. Now in a suit, the story changes radically.

A suit screams for a lovely diamond, ruby, or sapphire broach. A combination of all the jewels might be in order too. Whether or not to wear a toe ring is a serious question for the diva.

If her feet are small and dainty, of course, she will want at least one tone ring to show off with her strappy sandals. If her ankles are similarly dainty, an elegant anklet is the perfect finishing touch. Now, there are divas who, for one reason or another, are between jobs or sugar daddies. She may even be a Diva-wannabe. For this diva bigger is still better but the gems don't have to be real diamonds. She can look just as flashy with fake diamonds.

In fact some of today's fake gems are sparklier than the real thing and only a jeweler with a loop can tell the difference. This diva knows she looks good even if her jewelry isn't real. She is a presence and is not easily intimidated.

We all know divas. They are fun, fearless, and fabulous. They make the world a better place because they love life and add drama to our lives. Long live the Diva.

After years as an educator and more degrees than she can count, Frances Coleman now writes professionally. She is a prolific reader with an advanced degree in research techniques. Although not a diva herself, she loves finding wholesale jewelry.

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