Tarzan Would Love Your Fur Scarves

Many women want to know, what is the position on animal prints and patterns in today's fashion wear? Here's our answer: Used carefully as an accent piece, the animal print or pattern can really make a wardrobe stand out. Clearly, though, too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing, such as the leopard skin pantsuit or the alligator skin skirt! Of particular note is how well mink, rabbit, or fox designer fur scarves can look. This popular look for today will stop people in their tracks as they look to see that gorgeous piece of fur around your neck. Keep the rest of your outfit clean and plain and simple and use this as an accent piece to draw attention to your face. Don't dress in too many different colors as this can make your outfit seem too busy. And remember that fur always looks good paired against cream.

Should you wear designer fur scarves? Yes! But be sure to choose wisely. Here are some pointers. If your hair style is larger, choose a finer, smaller fur scarf so that the two aren't competing for attention. If you have a plain do, especially if it's swept back and off your face, you have a lot more freedom in choosing which fur designer scarves to wear. Conscious about animal rights? Don't forget that there are many faux fur scarf options that look real and fantastic.

Additionally, all women would do well to have at least 2 or 3 silk or organza furscarves in their closet to spice up their wardrobe. These are great for neck wraps, head wraps, or even to tie around your wrist or ankle as a small piece of -flash- .an accessory that draws attention to a great feature. Don't forget that fur scarves aren't just for the formal event. You'll look great at the office when you add one to your work wear (a very conservative piece) and when you're out for drinks with friends after work or spending time by the lake on the weekend, a scarf shows that you're really put together without a lot of fuss or muss. Designer fur scarves are gorgeous fashion accessories that are really coming into their own this season as an accessory that the trendiest women must own.

And many women are discovering just how great these are to throw away the feeling that your wardrobe is old and drab. Don't spend that money on a whole new wardrobe! Pick up a few fur scarves, mix and match, and feel like a new woman again! They can make all the difference!.

Fur scarves are becoming very popular in fashion circles. Besides keeping you warm and cozy during the cold winter months...they look good and feel good!

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