Swarovski Crystals Has Redefined The Meaning Of Crystal

Swarovski crystals are made of the finest quality materials and are considered by some to be the finest crystal today. What makes these crystals different from all others is that the lead oxide level is a minimum of thirty two percent. When this level of lead oxide is used, it makes the crystals transparency very clear.

Highly skilled craftsmen then create prisms and add radiant colors in layers. From these prisms, incredible pendants and spectacular jewelry is created. There is no other crystal that can compare to a Swarovski crystal. Daniel Swarovski founded the Swarovski Company.

Daniel was born in Bohemia in 1862, and was fascinated by the industrial era to which he was born. After experimenting with electricity and glass blowing, Swarovski then built a machine that was able to cut and polish glass mechanically. He patented this machine and went into mass production.

This machine gave the Swarovski Company a great advantage over their competitors. This was the beginning of what was to become the most famous crystal company in the world. Uses of Swarovski Crystal Crystals have been around for millennia.

The uses for crystal are varied, and some believe that if you place them around your home, or carry them with you, that they have healing properties. This belief has been practiced for thousands of years. The most popular use for the Swarovski crystals is jewelry. Other items that these incredible crystals used for include watches, binoculars, telescopes and pens.

More and more uses are being found for the Swarovski crystals. Designers are now using them to embellish their collections of shoes, dresses and handbags. Their line of crystal figurines has become collectable items. Healing Powers of Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Millions of people believe in the healing powers of crystals. For people who suffer form stress arthritis or joint disease, wearing Swarovski crystal jewelry bring a level of relieve that cannot be explained. They are also believed to relieve the symptoms of poison oak, ivy, and sumac.

It is also believed that crystals can ease the symptoms of emotional illness such as depression. Swarovski are the most sought after crystals in the world today because of their beauty and versatility. No matter what the reason for purchase, these crystals accent everything that they are attached to.

Summary: Throughout history, crystals have been a big part of or lives. Daniel Swarovski defined what a crystal should be and all others have followed, but none can compare.

Brooke Hayles
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