Rhinoplasty In Chicago Love Your Nose

Want to hear something astonishing? Nose jobs are nothing new. Though it is tempting to imagine that they may have evolved to satisfy the vanity of 20th century starlets, that assumption is totally false. Actually, rhinoplasty was first practiced 2,500 years ago by a doctor and teacher referred to as the "Father of Surgery." His name was Sushruta and he lived in northern India during the 6th century B.C.

He taught and wrote extensively, describing hundreds of tools and procedures, as well as classifying animals. How ironic to realize that out of all the lifesaving procedures necessary in those days, he found time to invent something cosmetic! His work is particularly gruesome. He invented the technique of forehead flap nasal surgery to reassemble the noses of criminals whose punishment was the amputations of their noses. Incredibly, the forehead flap procedure developed by Sushruta has changed only slightly over all the millennia. Another pioneer, John Orlando Roe, performed the first intranasal rhinoplasty in 1887 on a man whose incredibly prominent nose made him embarrassed to go out in public.

By the time Hollywood movies hit their stride in the 1930's, hundreds of aspiring young starlets were choosing to "have a little work done." Rhinoplasty remains to this day one of the most performed plastic surgical procedures. Most modern procedures are of the intranasal variety.

Any incisions on the outside of the nose are extremely small and leave no scarring. The rhinoplasty Chicago offers is, forgive the pun, cutting-edge. Their physicians have studied and taught various plastic surgery techniques worldwide, developing more efficient procedures and inventing new instruments.

They have successfully operated on hundreds of noses, giving patients a more pleasing appearance, better balance to the face, and peace with that tiny part of the body on which so many tend to obsess. It is funny how a relatively miniscule feature can demand such attention and cause so much angst, but the nose certainly does. If you detest your nose, you are not alone! There is no reason not to do something about it, though. Qualified specialists can reshape your nose with one outpatient procedure. After 2,500 years, the surgeons have the surgery down pat!.

The rhinoplasty Chicago -based physicians offer is unparalleled. Be sure to do your research!

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