Need Some Discount For Diamonds Why You Dont Try Moissanite

There are a lot of people that will not know what moissanite is. In fact if anyone offered to give them a piece of moissanite they would probably turn them down. Moissanite is quite simply a jewel and this jewel contains properties that other jewels do not have. If you have a piece of jewellery with moissanite then it is highly likely that that moissanite is mined.

This is because if anyone was to try and create moissanite in a laboratory then it would take 104 years to complete this process. Moissanite is a beautiful jewel and discount moissanite will look even better when you purchase it. Moissanite is usually compared to diamonds and there are many diamond vs moissanite websites. The main fact is that whenever someone mentions diamond vs moissanite the moissanite jewel will always win.

Diamonds are still the strongest substance known to man but moissanite is the second closest. Also a diamond vs moissanite heat resistance test will show surprising results. A diamond will catch fire and then vaporize at 1100C. However moissanite will still be fully intact at this temperature and it will still look just as gorgeous as the day it was originally created. Other diamond vs moissanite tests show that due to the high temperature moissanite can withstand it is easier to cast moissanite in place and so any jewellery can get the perfect design that they are looking for. Also diamonds are prone to heat damage when a jeweller is repairing these diamonds.

However with moissanite the chances of moissanite becoming damaged are less likely when the jeweller is performing repair operations. During a house fire moissanite has a high chance of surviving. Even though the temperatures can be extreme moissanite has a greater chance of surviving compared to a diamond. This will mean that you are less likely to loose this precious jewel during a house fire.

It can be very tough to find discount moissanite anywhere. This is due to many reasons and just on of these reasons is because moissanite has only been available to jewellers for a few years, so this is still an exclusive piece of jewellery. One reason why people like to buy moissanite is due to the fact that moissanite is lighter then a diamond and you could forget that you are wearing a piece of jewellery that has an exclusive jewel in there. In a few more years the chances of finding discount moissanite will be a lot higher then the chances that exist today.

Discount Moissanite

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