Mens Cashmere Sweaters Are Great Gifts

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to buy the man in your life? I know that for me coming up with ideas through the years is getting harder and harder. My husband loves to do many outdoor activities. He is a baseball player, fisherman and golfer. When we were first dating and through our first few years of marriage I would buy him things for these different activities, however there is only so much equipment that can be used. Also if he needs something he usually goes out and buys it.

I have done gift certificates for various sporting goods stores, but this seems rather impersonal. He does not wear cologne or jewelry so these have not been options. Last year when I was shopping for my husband's birthday I came across men's cashmere sweaters. They were available in several styles and colors.

I love cashmere for myself and thought maybe he would like it also. The clerk told me that a men's cashmere sweater is always a great gift because many times men will not try one on due to the price, but once they own one they will readily buy another because they feel so nice on the skin and also wear very well. He suggested getting the style that has a mock turtleneck because they are so versatile they could be worn by themselves or under a sports coat. My husband has a black tweed sports coat so I bought a men's cashmere sweater in black. The sweater was expensive, but the store was having a sale that day so it was in the price range that I usually spend for a birthday gift. I was somewhat nervous about the gift because I had never given him clothing before.

On the day of his birthday I came home from work early to make his favorite dinner. He prefers to eat at home rather than going to a restaurant. I made shrimp linguini with salad and garlic bread and a whip cream cake for his birthday cake.

The men's cashmere sweater was wrapped at the store, so I set this by his place setting at the table. After we were done eating he opened his gift. At first I thought he seemed disappointed to see that I bought him clothes, but when he tried it on he thought it felt great. I relayed the information from the clerk that it could be worn by itself or with a sports coat.

A few weeks after his birthday we went to a wedding. He wore his men's cashmere sweater with the tweed sport coat. He looked great and said that he was more comfortable than being in a shirt and tie.

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