How Diamonds Are Rated According To Their Clarity And Fluorescence

Diamonds are rated according to their clarity. Their mirror like effect makes them more valuable. However most of us find it very difficult to choose the right diamond. There are four Cs of a diamond, popularly known as cut, clarity, color and carat weight, which helps us choose the our ideal diamonds. But most of us are unaware of the other qualities that a diamond possesses. Diamonds are known for their fluorescence, which means that when diamonds are put under the ultraviolet rays they fluoresce or shine very brightly.

This quality is not present in any other precious stone. Diamonds are called a woman's best friend. It is the perfect gift to give your lady love, as it symbolizes romance and love. It is one of the most powerful gemstones ever, which absorbs the negative energy that come towards us.

They are known to calm the brain and relax our minds. What makes the diamond so special is the way it is polished. If the diamond hasn't been polished well, is decreases the value of the gem. They are usually graded as to how much of blue is there in the diamond. Diamonds can be light blue, faint blue, medium blue and so on.

The blue tinges in diamonds increases the shine or fluoresce, making it look dazzling. Whereas the over all color of the body of the stone should be white. However, people prefer the colorless mirror-like effect in the diamond rather than the blue tinge. Diamonds are a polymorph of the element carbon and are widely found in the mines of South Africa and Europe. Due to the change in preferences, diamond lapidarists make sure they bring the colorless shine to the gem and reduce the blue tinge as much as possible. While buying a diamond you should be very careful and always cross check which diamond you are buying.

You should check the diamonds fluoresce not only in sunlight but also under the jewelers back light, which will bring out the clarity and shine of the diamond clearly. Diamonds are not a very rare gem, but the distribution has been controlled by the market, which makes it such an expensive and valuable precious stone. To get a pure diamond these days is close to impossible.

However they are rated in grades, which describe the purity. A grade D is the perfect diamond, G is a very expensive grade of diamonds, H is the more reasonable and affordable grade of diamonds, which has a beautiful shine. Always make sure before buying your diamond that it doesn't have a pink, orange or yellow tinge in it, as that shows the poor quality of the diamond. Unless it is a pink blue or yellow colored diamond itself.

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