Footwear Tips

Proper footwear can help keep your feet healthy. Choosing footwear must match a simple criteria. To keep your feet healthy you will need to own several pairs of shoes. Women who like wearing high heels must have shoes with heels of varying heights. Pointy toe footwear is useful for making legs appear longer- if legs look thinner and longer, women should use pointy toes footwear. Wear backless or slingback footwear- if one wears slingback or backless shoes instead of pumps, legs look longer and thinner.

Sandals, soft leather flat shoes, slippers, or inexpensive cloth shoes are good choices for at-home wear. If you have an enlarged toe joint, cut a hole in the cloth shoes. Avoid footwear with Ankle Straps- footwear with ankle straps gives the appearance of shorter legs, therefore skin the ankle straps if one wants the legs for looking slimmer. Shoes should be comfortable to wear and wide enough for air circulation. Before buying a shoe draw the outline of your foot on a piece of paper. Try shoes on both feet.

Many people have one foot larger than the other. It's best to fit the larger one. Never buy footwear that is not fit properly. They will not look better. Choose shoes according to the activity to be performed. Buy shoes in the latter half of the day and you will get shoes that fir you accurately.

Avoid having your shoes fitted on the weekend, when retailers are often most busy, and therefore also unable to provide full attention. Footwear Tips 1. Avoid footwear with ankle straps- footwear with ankle straps gives the appearance of shorter legs, 2.

Men should try to select a shoe that matches the pants or darker than pants. 3. If one wears a belt, wear shoes according to belt. 4.

Choosing footwear must match a simple criteria. 5. Try shoes on with the type of socks or stockings, insoles or orthoses you normally wear. 6.

Always wear socks or stockings with shoes to help avoid blisters and sores. 7. Choose shoes according to the activity to be performed. 8.

Never wear plastic shoes, because they don't stretch or allow your foot to get air.

Juliet Cohen writes articles for feet care and beauty tips. For more information visit our makeup blog.

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