Fall Into Fitness In Only Minutes

Now here's a workout for anyone who wants a quick, but effective workout in about thirty minutes. If done three to four times a week, along with two to three days of forty-five to sixty minutes of cardio, you should see AND feel a real difference in about four weeks; now that's effective results. You can do this workout in the convenience of your home with Body Bars, or at the gym with dumbbells or free weight bars.

Body Bars come in different sizes and different weights. Start with one you can handle and move up in weight as you become stronger. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and your workouts, and eat a sensible diet. The workout: Push ups: two sets of as many reps as you can Half roll downs: two sets of ten reps Toe touch crunches: two sets of ten reps Butt tucks: two sets of twenty reps Speed skater lunges: two sets of twenty total reps, alternate the legs Dead Lifts: two sets of ten reps Shoulder circles: two sets of five reps in each direction, slowly Biceps curls: two sets of twenty-ones Triceps kickbacks: two sets of ten to twenty reps You'll want to finish up the workout with about ten to twenty minutes of jumping rope, or some other aerobic activity of your choice, if you have the time.

You get a lot of bang for your buck with jump roping because on average, you can burn about one hundred and fifty to two hundred and fifty calories in fifteen minutes; this depends on your body type and the intensity. After the workout, do some general stretching to prevent the muscles from tightening up, plus you'll feel better afterwards. (Exercise descriptions) Push ups: place hands about shoulder distance apart and keep body straight, either on your knees or feet for advance, lower body towards floor while bending elbows to ninety degrees or less then push up to start position. Inhale while lowering, exhale while pushing up. Half roll downs: start with the bar resting on your knees and sitting up straight, stacking your spine as tall as possible, roll the spine down while extending your arms, pause then roll your spine back to the start position and grow taller every time you return.

Exhale while rolling down and inhale rolling up. Toe touch crunches: Lie on your back with your legs elevated towards the ceiling. You may cross your ankles or keep your legs together and locked at the knees, which forces you to contract your upper thighs. Hold bar above and reach for your feet while lifting your shoulders and upper back off the floor. Be sure to exhale and contract your core while lifting to get the maximum benefit from this exercise.

Butt tucks: Place bar across hips and start with knees slightly apart. Exhale as you lift the butt up and squeeze your knees together as if they're kissing, then lower half way down while inhaling. Speed skater lunges: Step back and over to the outside of your body then lower your hips towards the floor while bending both knees, make sure the front knee is directly above your ankle and not in front of it. Keep your hips directly under your shoulders while executing this move so that your knee does not torque too much. Return to start position. Alternate your legs with each set until you're done.

This can be done without the bar until you work up the strength to use the bar. You may opt to do the second set without the bar and much faster than the first set to generate heat in the lower half of your body. You'll increase your metabolism and continue to burn more calories even after the workout is done. Shoulder circles: This is one exercise that will give you sexy looking shoulders, it works the front, top, and back of the shoulders. Start with holding the bar in the center, thumbs touching and hands apart.

Lift the bar up to shoulder level, an upright row, then push the bar straight out at shoulder level away from your body. Slowly lower the bar down to start position. Make sure you do the same number of reps in the reverse direction as well. Biceps curls: We're going to do seven reps curling the bar up in full range of motion, keeping your elbows by your side. Next do seven reps curling from the half way position to the top, then last do seven reps curling from the lower position to the half way mark.

Start with a bar heavy enough to do all reps but not too heavy that you sway your back into the move. In no time you'll build enough strength and definition in those arms. Triceps extensions: Hold the middle of the bar, with your elbow up and to your side. Push the bar back as you extend your arm, squeezing your tricep muscle, and return to start.

You'll need to rest your other hand on your thigh or rest your leg on a weight bench to support yourself while executing this move. A couple of key things to keep in mind; keep your form and focus on the muscle you're working. You'll achieve maximum results when you're mentally into your workouts as well as physically, not just going through the motions so to speak. If you think of contracting your abs every time you exhale, you'll get a core workout throughout the exercises as they're being performed.

If you can mentally focus on core, try doing a kegel squeeze while exhaling and contracting your abs. For those of you who have no children, think of trying to stop urinating in mid stream, that's working from the "inside out". Stretch the muscle that you're working after each set and rest as little as possible.

This will keep the muscles and body warm while burning maximum calories. Generally speaking, if you do your cardio after your strength training/sculpting workout, you'll burn more fat while doing the cardio work because the body is already warmed up from the exercises. Therefore, if you have the time, do as much cardio as you can afterwards and watch your body transform even faster. Just be sure you do some general stretching after the cardio and replenish your body with a healthy snack or meal within sixty minutes afterwards.

Helen Golden has over 15 years experience as a fitness expert. Helen's latest conquest is saving your skin!! Helen and/or Active Skin has been fetured on CNN, Good Things Utah, Park City TV, The Rick Sanchez Show and REAL Magazine.

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