Everything You Wanted To Know About Aprons

I am sure that everybody is familiar with aprons. As you may know, aprons are outer protective garments that were designed and crafted to cover primarily the front of the body. There are actually several reasons for wearing aprons.

These garments are commonly worn by people of all ages for hygienic purposes, to protect their clothes from wear and tear or to prevent bodily harm from hazardous materials. For many years, aprons have been a common part of the uniform of a number of work categories. Most waitresses, nurses, homemakers, and domestic staff wore it for several reasons. Additionally aprons have always been common with cobblers, carpenters, blacksmiths, chemists, chefs, food industry personnel and lab personnel. It is also interesting to note that aprons are commonly worn just as a decorative garment by some women (and men too).

There are basically a number of different styles of aprons. It is just somehow necessary to note that these styles greatly depend upon the purpose of the apron itself. Aside from this fact, such garments can be designed and crafted from a variety of materials. In the world today, there are rubber and plastic aprons that are commonly employed by persons who are particularly working with risky and toxic chemicals and others for general protection against liquids.

There are lead aprons, usually encased in a plastic covering, that are commonly worn by persons who are working with X-rays, particularly those X-ray technicians who work near radiation. Many blacksmiths prefer leather aprons.There are some aprons, such as those used by most carpenters and constuction personnel, that have many pockets to handle their necessary tools that are made from canvas or heavy synthetic materials. The majority of todays aprons are made from cloth-like materials such as cotton, canvas, lace and various synthetic substances. Custom made aprons have become very popular, especially for those who enjoy cooking, both indoors and outside.

These novelty items are available with funny sayings ("How Burned Do You Like Your Steak?"), ego messages ("World's Greatest Chef"), or just personal names ("Make Your Request to Chef Steve"), etc. Aprons can be decorated and customized using various processes. Silk screening, embroidery, printing and various other material attachments are the usual methods for making aprons more individualized. Retro aprons have recently become very popular. Depending on the purpose of the aprons, it can be designed and crafted in a number of ways.

A basic distinction is usually between waist aprons, which generally cover the body from waist down or a bib apron, which additionally covers the upper part of the body. As you may know, aprons are typically held in place by two ribbon-like strips of cloth that are tied in the back. However, the bib apron may also either have a strap which goes around the neck or shoulder straps that criss-cross in the back, or attach to the waistband. Finally, it is worthy to note that the term "apron" does not only refer to just an worn article as mentioned above. The term is also used more generally to refer to an expanse surrounding some objects.

I guess you are all familiar with airports that have a concrete apron around it, where planes as well as other vehicles can move about. And, in theater lingo, aprons are actually the portions of the stage that are separated by the main curtain and in front of the house or the audience.

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