Clinical Study on Retinol Cream by Skin Couture Adorage

As we get older, our skin undergoes changes that make it feel, act and look different from younger skin. Its outer cells don't slough off as easily as before, it doesn't retain moisture as it was in youth and its support of fibers, collagen and elastin break down. Plus the sun takes its toll. As a result the fine lines appear around the eyes and mouth, the skin sags, and photoaging appears. Adorage's Retinol cream is produced to diminish and remove all these aging features, and due to our clinical studies the first results appear no less than in two weeks.

According to all dermatological studies only few substances have already demonstrated ability to reduce and prevent wrinkles and photoaging. All these active ingredients are assembled in Adorage's Retinol cream. This formulation is very effective and deliver significant results because of a special epidermal absorption technology of the product and high concentration of active ingredients.

By binding all the necessary ingredients in a specific matrix ( technology is patented), Adorage's product effectively transport them deep within the skin, without any irritation and producing optimal results. Once concentrated doses of active ingredients are delivered within the skin layers, they can exert their therapeutic action. Moisturizing effect: Our cream is water-based-it is the best choice because the water content helps prolong the products softening effects. Lysine PCA, glycerin, steraic acid, oleic acid sooth dry skin, and temporally make wrinkles less noticeable.

Also they help maintain the skin's outer protective layer and keep the skin supple. Other ingredients like: palmitic acid gives the cream a velvety and translucent look and feel. Urea has been used for many years in the treatment of chronic dry skin conditions, as a very effective natural moisturizing factor.

This ingredient leads to a more intensive and longer lasting increase in the water binding capacity of the stratum corneum. Antioxidants: Vitamin E as Tocopherol is improving appearance of scars and helps to speed wound-healing. Vitamin E serves to smooth and soften skin texture. It is a very effective antioxidant protecting from ultraviolet (UV) induced oxidative damage, that can lead to cancer.

While using Retinol cream, which contains Vitamin E, with Vitamin C serum we have the synergistic action of them in inhibition of lipid peroxidation, thus supporting the antioxidant potential of these two vitamins. Exfoliating effect: Aging skin looks rough and sallow because it doesn't slough off dead surface skin cells as easily as younger skin. Our exfoliating ingredient ?antioxidant-based Glycolic acid ( 5%) compound addresses this situation, renews the skin more effectively than any scrubs, masks or abrasive cloths. It has a significant transcutaneous penetration potential.

It doesn't provide any irritation due the special methods used to prepare this molecule (patented).Our studies show that GA leads to epidermal restructuring by increasing cell renewal and intradermal glycosaminoglycane levels, as well as the amount of collagen at papillary dermis level. Adorage's ability to combine Glycolic Acid with Retinol safely and effectively is unique in the skincare marketplace. We are combining the exfoliation effect of Glycolic acid with the cellular regeneration power of the associated active ingredients for skin rejuvenation.

Medical studies prove that Glycolic acid and Retinol used in tandem produce greater results than if used alone. Retinol 500.000 U is a concentrated form of retinol that induces skin's cell turnover and boosts collagen deposits.

It reduces fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of new collagen. It also stimulates the production of new blood vessels in the skin, which improves skin color. Additional benefits include fading "age spots" and softening actinic keratosis. Vitamin A, contained in retinol allows to absorb harmful UV rays and scavenge damaging free radicals.

It can actually redirect aged cells to behave in a more youthful manner. Using Retinol together with Glycolic acid has 6 functions: stimulates production of collagen and elastin stimulates glycosaminoglycans cleanses the follicles evens skin tone improves the texture of the skin clinically proven to be a better cell regulator benefiting diminishing of acne Matrixyl (palmitoyl pentapeptide)-is one of the most promising ingredients . It produces a highly significant reduction in the deep and moderate wrinkles. The longer this ingredient is used, the better the skin looks. Matrixyl molecule is small enough to be absorbed into skin tissue and has a delivery system that specifically targets skin cells. It also helps skin to maintain its hydrating ability, reduces the roughness of the skin, makes the skin more subtle.

With Matrixyl we are defying the premature signs of aging, by reminding the skin cells to stay hydrated and produce collagen. This "concert" of highly effective ingredients in Adorage's Retinol cream is recommended to be used as a night regimen. A sunscreen has to be used as a protective factor against sun damage during the day. Our goal is the overall restoration of the skin, restoration of the genetic memory of skin cells, slowing down the process of aging, toxin's secretion, deep moisturizing, smoothing of fine wrinkles and stopping of the appearance of new ones. Our clinical studies and other doctor's reports and also most important self-evaluation of clients proved the effectiveness and safety of Retinol cream. The study was conducted with 25 women between ages 30 and 65, showing the effects of mild to moderate photodamage, rough, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

They followed the regimen for two weeks, one month and longer. The investigation included clinical digital photographs taken before and after two weeks and then again after one month of using the Retinol cream in the suggested night regimen. ( applying Vitamin C serum before Retinol cream).

Both the investigator and the patient used a 10-point scale to assess the product efficacy. Overall, using Adorage's Retinol cream, significantly reduced skin imperfections compared with pre-treatment. Also investigators evaluated the patient satisfaction with the improvement of their skin. Patients rated their satisfaction level as very satisfied and satisfied.

The results after two weeks use: 50% reduction in fine lines 54 % reduction in dry skin 75 % improvement is skin smoothness and hydration 45% improvement in facial pigmentation The results after one month : 70% reduction in fine lines. The surface occupied by moderate wrinkles was reduced by a mean of 50% 75% decrease in skin dryness 75 % increase in skin smoothness 55% improvement in facial pigmentation A lot of clients reported about the reduction of the depth of main wrinkles. They reported lasting moisturizing of the skin, their skin looked firm and taut. These studies demonstrate the long term anti-wrinkle activity of Retinol cream.

The longer this cream was used the better were the results. Advantages of Retinol Cream: -The stabilized form of active ingredients without any oxidation phenomena ( so the active ingredients retain their biochemical acivity)which guarantees intramolecular changes necessary for rejuvenation of the skin - Near total penetration of active ingredients, targeting skin's cell level - Controlled distribution of active ingredients with their prolonged release within the inner skin layers. The technology is protected by a number of international patents. The slogan of Adorage is-Adore your skin at any age. You don't have to deny your age, you have to defy the signs of it and look fabulous at any age.

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