An Introduction To Designer Denim

Designer denim is high-fashion, high-priced denim that is usually marketed as status symbols. Designer jeans exist for both men and women, and have been in existence since the 1970s. These jeans usually have the designer logo somewhere visible on the back pocket, letting everyone know what brand of jean they are. Jordache was one of the first trendy brands of denim in the 1970s. Other popular brands at the time were Sassoon, Calvin Klein, Guess, Dittos, Joujou, Sergio Valente, Gloria Vanderbilt, and Chic. Today, designer denim has been taken to another level.

Prices reach into the hundreds of dollars for a single pair, and there are many more brands in existence. Some of the most popular brands include Evisu, AG, Antik, Blue Way, Citizens of Humanity, Chip and Pepper, Diesel, Seven Jeans, J Brand, Habitual, Energie, Joes Jeans, Nudie, Miss Sixy, Mavi, Replay, Rock and Republic, and True Religion. The recent resurgence of designer denim has to do with the growing number of celebrities and musicians who wear high end fashion. Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Fergie, Ashanti, and many other celebrities are often photographed wearing these high-priced items, and thus the public wants to wear them as well.

There are many style and fashion magazines, as well as celebrity gossip and lifestyle magazines that glamourize the latest trends and fashion. Designer denim styles range from raw and dark, to faded and worn. The cotton is typically high quality. Like many high fashion items, there isn't much functionality to make the hundred dollar price tags worth it.

However, there is absolutely a market for these high end items, as evidenced by the growing demand for them. If you're interested in buying or looking at some designer jeans, you can see them online or at retail stores and boutiques such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Barneys, Neiman Marcus, and Macy's.

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