Adult Acne How To Deal With It

Acne is common in teenage and during pregnancy, when it occurs on adults it is a very stressful situation for them, as the society does not approve acne or adults. Some adults feel so embarrassed that they want to hide acne from other people's sight. Studies have shown some growing evidence on acne, that it can be a hereditary disease too apart from occurring due to hormonal imbalances. It is due to oil production and mismanagement of dead cells exfoliation. Acne lesions in adults are normally seen on the face, but might also occur anytime on the chest, neck, back, scalp, legs, upper arms and even shoulders.

Adult acne is very persistent when compared to teen acne, as acne seen in teens subsides over time when the hormones get adjusted. Another major drawback of adult acne is that it leads to permanent scarring. Key Factors That Contribute to adult acne: Hormones are considered as the main culprit and mainly cause skin eruptions or outbreak of acne. But, has anyone thought about the organs that produce the hormones? The actual fact is that the kidneys, liver and skin are the important organs involved in eliminating impurities and waste particles from the body, if anyone of the organs does not work properly and does not eliminate waste out the body, it might result in acne in adults.

Acne or the skin eruption is the first symptom of failure these organs are facing. To facilitate the elimination of waste from body water is very important, when water is taken in good quantities the bowels are cleared and the blood too gets rid of its toxic elements. If water content decreases the skin might not do its function of eliminating wastes, or the lungs might not be able to oxygenize the blood due to the impurities of air is breathed and retained in it. Hence, the factors for acne may be air, food, emotional stress, water etc. Natural adult acne treatments: The wastes from the body should be eliminated properly to facilitate it the person should be exposed to pure air, water, natural food habits and, foods rich in antioxidants. A natural face wash made up of clean, warm water with lemon juice can be used to pamper the skin.

The lemon has the ability to reduce oil from the skin, hence minimizing acne in adults. Fiber rich food helps in the removal of toxins and wastes from the body by facilitating the bowel movements. Also when using cosmetic products, care needs to be taken not to use oil-based cosmetics.

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